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    B-BBEE Compliance

    NOVA provides tailored solutions and detailed consultation to assist businesses in realising their B-BBEE objectives including B-BBEE Compliance Support.

    As with our approach to our other service offerings – we look at where we can assist you from a strategic perspective and where there is opportunity to support our clients when it comes to the management of admin intensive processes. Both of which require the oversite of skilled professionals to apply the relevant compliance requirements where applicable.

    B-BBEE Consulting

    We are well positioned with the right intellectual capital to provide you with a comprehensive and professional service in the assessment of your current B-BBEE strategy.

    We provide strategic consulting services focused on measuring B-BBEE compliance, target setting, strategy formulation and implementation planning and the active monthly management thereof. In addition, we also provide specialist services for each element of the B-BBEE Scorecard.

    Where there is no strategy, we also assist in the development and implementation for ensuring compliance with the revised Generic and QSE B-BBEE scorecard where applicable.

    Employment Equity Reporting

    The Department of Labour has increased its efforts in the enforcement of Employment Equity reporting. NOVA and our team of HR professionals can manage the entire reporting process for you.

    We ensure we apply these three key elements into your reporting:

    • Completed in the correct format
    • Current and new legislation is applied
    • Displays clear alignment to your company’s overall BEE and transformation strategies

    Businesses are also now faced with significant legal implications and fines should their reporting not meet the required standards. We make sure that all requirements are met when it comes to the completion of the EEA 12 forms, and that any new legislation is applied accurately for the current year’s reporting period.

    Learnership Management

    We provide an end-to-end outsourced learnership management solution. Each clients’ needs are thoroughly assessed, and a tailored solution is designed around your specific training and Skills Development needs, using our carefully selected and strictly vetted accredited providers.

    We have partnered with a Level 1, black female-owned skills development consultancy that offers structured skills development solutions with enduring value to businesses and learners, while managing B-BBEE Skills Development scorecard compliance.

    Through our outsourced learnership offering, our skilled consultants provide you with:

    • A fully-managed service to maximise the Skills Development component of your organisation’s B-BBEE Scorecard, including sourcing the right learners for you
    • Apply available tax rebates, SETA grants and aggregation of the learnerships to minimise your overall Skills Development compliance costs
    • Access to a fully vetted, compliant and accredited training provider base across multiple sectors
    • Overall management of the extraordinarily complex and administrative workload required to comply with current legislation

    Workplace Skills Planning (WSP) & Annual Training Reports (ATR)

    Besides the 20% you are allowed to claim back for your Skills Development Levy from SETA, a well-thought-out WSP also ensures that you address skills shortages specific to your business – also resulting in decreased training and development costs, as your efforts will be a lot more focused.

    Developing a WSP and ATR requires a fair amount of planning, paperwork and compliance with the requirements set out by the National Skills Authority, which is why we currently manage this process end-to-end for many of our clients.

    Payroll and HR Outsourcing Payroll and HR Outsourcing

    A full WSP audit and compilation of an employee database

    Payroll and HR Outsourcing Payroll and HR Outsourcing

    Assisting management to determine training goals for departments

    Payroll and HR Outsourcing Payroll and HR Outsourcing

    Registration of the SETA online system:

    Submission of required documentation, including:

    • SDF appointment letter
    • Signing of documentation
    • Drafting a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR)
    • Submission of WSP / ATR on SETA online system
    • Finalisation of submission process
    • Obtaining proof of submission
    • Liaison with SETA and client throughout process
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