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    Payroll advisory services

    Not unique to any one type of business and is often discovered by mistake, after a long period of time, Payroll Fraud is currently the number one source of accounting fraud and employee theft – costing businesses millions. And, because businesses don’t often focus on payroll data, if the theft is uncovered, it’s already too late.

    How do you secure your business?

    It can happen to any business, in different forms and severity. Watch our YouTube video below and get insight into the most common types of payroll fraud, what companies should be doing to consistently manage this risk and ultimately, how to eliminate this risk completely.

    About our Payroll and Fraud Check

    NOVA Human Capital’s Payroll Fraud and Risk Check is designed to safeguard your business. Developed by forensic auditors, this powerful new tool can detect risks beyond just your payroll data.

    Running checks from multiple data sources including your payroll data allows us to detect discrepancies and identify potential risk areas with increased accuracy, more regularly and at a lower cost.

    Secure your Payroll. Secure your Business.
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