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    “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

    – Walt Disney

    Substance Abuse in The Workplace

    Fixed Term Contracting

    Understanding South Africa’s Employment Equity Reporting Requirements

    Remote Working.

    What you Need to Submit your 2022 Employment Equity Report

    Mediation Principles in Counselling.

    Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace.

    Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.

    50% of software implementations fail.

    Myth or Excuse? Payroll Outsourcing

    Top 3 HR Trends for 2022

    The silent, preventable business killer that just cost a listed company R4 million.

    Use the Pandemic to Accelerate Your Workplace Transformation

    Make Employee Wellbeing a Top Business Mandate – HR trends 2021 and “the next normal”

    HR Trends – moving from the “new normal” to “the next normal”.

    Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace

    NOVA launches virtual HR back office solution

    COVID-19 from an HR Perspective

    Emigration and succession planning – future-proofing your business

    Labour Law – is your company doing it right? NOVA can help

    Taking It One Step Beyond

    Workplace integrity, white collar crime and its impact on your business

    Is Outsourcing the Solution for Your Payroll

    Analytics as a Service for HR

    The Everlearn Difference

    BCEA Amendment Bill

    It’s not just business, it’s an adventure

    Nova Human Capital Defend employee claims

    Employment Equity Reaffirmed

    Handling the toughest interview questions

    Nova Human Capital Awkward interview situations

    Payroll outsourcing: surviving the recession

    Why you should talk to your rejected candidates

    Nova Human Capital Employees Improve Culture

    Nova Human Capital Attract Top Talent

    Nova Human Capital Outsourcing Effectiveness

    Minimising the Impact of an Employee Leaving

    Nova Human Capital Defined work roles

    NOVA’s Four Reasons to use Psychometric Testing

    Opinion Piece – People Living with Disabilities

    The Biggest Challenges for HR

    Opinion Piece – The Worst Job Appointments Ever Made

    NOVA’s Top 5 Reasons to Use an HR Consulting Firm

    Nova Human Capital EE Reporting 2016

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