Holistic, strategic HR consulting to maximise your employee potential

Outsource your HR management to stay compliant and meet your strategic objectives

Outsourced HR solutions that allow you to stay focused on your business, knowing that your employees are being managed to help you achieve your strategic goals.

  • Get a full HR audit of your business needs
  • Develop the right HR strategy to achieve your business goals
  • Remain compliant
  • Manage discipline and performance
  • Align with global HR best practice
  • Access 24/7 labour support


Benefit from a full HR audit and strategy
We conduct a full HR audit to understand your business’ needs, following which we assist you in developing an HR strategy that helps you meet your business goals. This includes:

  • Role definition and grading
  • Performance assessment, talent management and succession planning
  • Aligning to global trends that impact your business


Keep up with compliance and governance

  • Comprehensive onsite and offsite HR services
  • Employment equity and skills development plans
  • Handling the complete employee life cycle, from on-boarding to exiting
  • Drafting company policies and procedures to ensure compliance


Access 24/7 labour advice and support
Avoid labour risks and expensive litigation with our round-the-clock labour support service – EmployerAssistTM:

  • 24/7 labour relations support
  • Disciplinary hearings and guidance
  • Advice and onsite support for disciplinary hearings and CCMA representation
  • Labour legislation compliance audits
  • Employee and union negotiations
  • Labour advice on workplace discipline and applicable legislation
  • Choose a package that suits your needs and budget

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