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    Companies now face bigger risks for non-compliance

    Employment Equity Reporting

    The Department of Labour has made it clear that there will be an increased focus on Employment Equity Reporting (EE) compliance and companies can expect an increase in Director General, EE Labour inspections following the reporting review process early next year.

    What is the business risk? 

    -Penalties of up to 10% of a business’s annual turnover
    -No score for Management Control (incl. EE) will be awarded for B-BBEE scorecards
    -Increased investigations into qualified businesses not meeting any EE obligations 

    Haven’t started your reporting process and need help? Our team of qualified consultants will manage the following: 

    • Drafting your EE Plan 
    • Forming your committee 
    • Facilitating your first meeting 
    • Drafting the related policies 
    • Manage the reporting submission process 

    Who needs to report on EE? 

    By meeting the following requirements, you are referred to as a “designated employer” and EE Reporting becomes compulsory for your business when,

    • your company employs more than 50 employees or, 
    • has less than 50 employees but have an annual turnover more than R2 million.
    Can you answer yes to these?

    EE Reporting Ready?  

    1. Do you have an updated and current EE Plan? THIS IS VITAL: It informs the entire reporting process? 
    2. Do you have all the available information complete and ready for input into the reports? 
    3. Do you have the resources and capacity to ensure compliance and on-time delivery?  
    4. Have you got all the required forms to complete (EEA2 Report, 12 pages) and the EEA4 (income differential statements)?
    5. Have you done the consultative processes with the relevant stakeholder to fulfil the requirements of the EE Act? No CEO sign off can take place without details on this?
    6. Do you have access to an experienced individual to review forms to ensure compliance, consistency, and alignment to business goals? 


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